The company trade mark is “DIVERSIFY. PROSPER. EVOLVE.”, which sum up the qualities and the philosophy of the product offering. Evolve, because of the artificial intelligence used to “evolve” the methodology of the fund, by learning from past experiences.

When constructing investment portfolios it is of great importance to diversify the risk between different asset classes. Most investors are already allocating risk between various stocks, thereby spreading the risk of unique events around the individual company, bonds and real estate… but is this diversification enough?

Markets tend to move in cycles. In order to protect investment portfolios against cyclic corrections – there is a need to allocate to non correlated investments. Investments that does not follow the same cyclic patterns as stocks, bonds and real estate.

Calculo Capital is a Danish manager of alternative investment funds. Regulated by the Danish FSA (Finanstilsynet).

The company was founded in 2011 as a commodity research and software company. A vision to build a specialized trading platform for commodity trading – incorporating a cross commodity automated trading strategy – resulted in a unique trading engine and in house tool for managing all trading and risk activities. In 2016 the company changed name to Calculo Capital when becoming regulated by the Danish FSA. 

Calculo Capital is managing the systematically traded commodity fund, Calculo Evolution Fund, launched August 2018. 



Ulrich Peer Jespersen
Chairman of the board

+40 years experience in banking and financial markets. Former CEO Finansbanken and SparLolland.
HD Foreign Trade, CBS

Thomas Holst Laursen
Board member

Partner at Plesner Law Firm, +22 years as a Corporate Lawyer within Corporate Finance, M&A, Securities and Capital Markets
Master in Law, Copenhagen University

Philip Engel Carlsson
Board member

+14 years experience in commodities trading and technology from banks, power trading companies and hedge funds.
Master in Finance and Accounting, CBS


Philip E. Carlsson
Partner / CEO

+14 years experience in commodities trading and technology from banks, power trading companies and hedge funds.
Master in Finance and Accounting, CBS

Lars Jensen

Business Developer and technology investor.
HD-U, MBA (Magna Cum Laude), Babson College.

Kenneth Grunow

Investment advisor and investor.
Board Govenance education


Steen Jakobsen
Chief Economist & CIO, Saxo Bank

Experienced Chief Investment Officer, macro economist and fund manager.

Claus Nielsen
Former Head of Markets, Saxo Bank

Long term Head of Markets at Saxo Bank and member of the executive management group since 2008.


Jana Benesova-Tumova
Senior Investment Professional

Experienced investment professional with international experience spanning more than 30 years. Previously held senior positions at LGT, Stone Milliner, Moore Capital, Citi and Credit Suisse.

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