Our Investment Strategy

Our Investment Strategy is centered around 3 pillars.

  • Commodities

At Calculo Capital, our trading strategy focuses on the most liquid exchange-traded commodity futures. We specialize in navigating the dynamic landscape of 17 distinct markets within the commodity sector. By honing in on these highly liquid assets, we aim to achieve optimal trading efficiency and responsiveness to market trends.

  • Systematic Approach

Our approach to trading is grounded in systematic analysis, leveraging a comprehensive understanding of price data and historical levels. Calculo Capital employs a rigorous process to identify signals that guide our investment decisions. Through systematic selection, we aim to capitalize on market opportunities and enhance the overall performance of our portfolio.

  • AI Integration

Risk management is paramount in our trading philosophy. Calculo Capital employs a systematic risk management approach with a fixed maximum loss per position. To further enhance our risk mitigation strategies, we integrate machine learning and artificial intelligence. These cutting-edge technologies play a crucial role in decoding adverse market movements, enabling us to adapt swiftly to changing conditions and safeguard our portfolio against potential risks.

By combining disciplined systematic signals, robust risk management protocols, and the power of machine learning, Calculo Capital strives to deliver consistent and sustainable returns for our investors in the ever-evolving commodity markets. 

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